Getting an expression pedal to work with a Yamaha YDP-143 digital piano

Hi community,

So like quite a few people, I have been stumped by the "CC11 not received" message, which I did not see coming because who reads the manual? I looked online and found I need an expression pedal, so I bought the Nektar NX-P expression pedal, along with a 6.35mm to 3.5mm Jack adapter and then a 3.5mm Jack to USB adapter. After all that, the pedal doesn't work and I can't find any information on how to connect one to a digital piano instead of a MIDI keyboard.

It seems the YDP-143 only has Jack sockets for headphones, in which case I've answered my own question, but I also don't know if I need to connect the pedal to the piano or computer if I want to play from the computer on Kontakt.

Sorry if this comes off as a bit rude. I'm feeling a bit stressed right now. Anyway, any information would be appreciated.


  • If the YDP-143 does not feature an input dedicated to expression peadal, this will not work.

    You can get a device like ->



    to connmect the Pedal directly to your computer via USB.


  • Hi, thanks for the reply. The YDP-143 does not have such an input, so that's case closed. I feel like a fool, blowing about £40 on the pedal and cables (Jack to USB cables are somewhat expensive).

    However, I have discovered that opening a DAW e.g. Reaper, then opening Kontakt within the DAW and creating a CC11 value in the MIDI editor does at least get it to sound, albeit without the ability to use an expression pedal.

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    As the value of these instruments is all about creatively using expression, using them without an appropriate controller (there are much more possibilities than just a pedal) does not make much sense.

    Of course there are pedals that directly provide USB connectivity, but those are usually more expensive than your pedal plus one of the devices I mentioned above, so the $40 are not foolish at all.


  • True, but since the YDP-143 doesn't have a MIDI jack input socket the pedal doesn't seem to work. It does have a headphone jack input, but that's different.

  • After noticing that my computer recognises the pedal as a speaker when connecting it using the jack adapters I bought, I decided to buy the beatbars adapter, and after a bit of tinkering about I finally got the pedal to work with the YDP-143, with the pedal connected to the computer. Thank you for the information!

    I just wish I hadn't spent money on the other jack adapters that ultimately didn't work. Anyway, this problem is now solved!

  • GREAT !


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