Trumpet 3 missing Notes



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    Where is support?
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    Obviously, the unmerging of SampleModeling and AudioModeling was the most funeral event in the musical industry within a decade: no visible progress any more on either site, after together they created the finest virtual solo instruments ever. :(

    It's hard to avoid noticing parallels with what we in Germany get to know about Italian politics.

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    Perhaps if you open a new ticket with support it will trigger the contractual side of things? You do have rights to support as a customer.

    Posting in the user forum will usually generate user suggestions and sometime the developers will weigh in, but a ticket should be a ticket (excuse the pun) and should have to be officially dealt with by support.

    I also think we must remember that these are not large companies.

    Anecdote: I still have my Wallander Instruments which was the first Brass (& and eventually others) Physical Modelling plugin I found before Sample Modeling that was playable. They went on to find a niche as bundled with the Sibelius application. My office is two minutes away from Arne W, but Internet is faster, and he kindly baked a special Logic version for me as I had already bought the extended version.

    Audio Modeling followed a similar concept and has exclusive hardware agreements with Roli. I need to trigger my AM Tenor Sax on iPad by my regular keyboard connected to my iPad. That's sadly not possible ATM.

    There are no official statistics but I would hesitantly guess that that are only a few thousand active licenses of any of these excellent applications sold and without releasing significant paid for updates or bundling their products there does not seem to be a financially viable way forward.

    Of course the elephant in the room is the ever present mobile device! A current device will run powerful apps, it's the nature of things.

    In my opinion, SM, AM, WI et al are leaving money on the table by not taking the small, persistent device route. Current mobile devices are capable of running very demanding applications.

    Let's hope that the current silence on the part of the divided, but hopefully not warring factions, comes up with something worth the wait.

    The onus right now is on the developers.

    Sample and Audio Modeling, What do you say?
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    As the bug had already been confirmed by SampleModeling in this thread, I suppose an additional support ticket would not make much sense.

    I had been told that they are working on something completely new. I draw the conclusuion that they would not be inclined to search for the bug in the Kontakt script, and hope that I will be provided with something compatible from the new series of instruments instead.


    AudioModeling in fact do have versions of their instruments for mobile devices. Same are coming with certain ROLI hardware. Full featured versions for iOS have just been announced -> . The SampleModeling instruments currently are based on Kontakt, and same does not support portable devices in any way. If it some day would, I suppose the SampleModeling libraries would run without any change (sauf the licensing).

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    MSchnell :

    1. You create the impression that our Brass are affected by a serious bug which needs to be shortly corrected . If this were the case, we would have updated the instruments long ago. But this is definitely not a serious bug. It´s rather a lack of feature under particular conditions, namely retriggering in the BC mode. Nothing to be "desperate" for. You can always play trills, for example, in the conventional way, like every keyboard or piano player could do. We promised to fix it in a next release of the Brass, and we will. However, we hope you understand that adding this feature to the BC mode means replacing the complex scripts in all our instruments, beta-testing them thoroughly, and resending them all to NI for encoding. Doing this now would mean interrupting the development of our new instruments, which would be frustrating for all Samplemodeling customers.

    2. We explained several times that we are very much involved in developing new instruments exploiting new technologies. It´s not a matter of days, or weeks, but rather months and years. This is our highest priority. We want to finish these instruments first. Then we will turn to the Brass. Hence, you do not need to remind us every month - we know well about your feature request and did not forget it.

    3. Please also note that the Forum is a communication platform between the users. It´s not a developer hotline or technical support. Our technical support is available via email or our contact page, and replies extremely fast - usually within a few hours (depending on the time zone of the sender). If you need a help, or have a question, please write there. Once. :-)

    4. The separation from the SWAM team, as you may know, was not our initiative. You assert that "since then no visible progress any more on either site". While we are not informed about Audiomodeling plans, we can assure that substantial progress has been achieved on our side. Not yet visible of course. BTW our Forum is no longer suitable to ask questions to the SWAM team, i.e. Audiomodeling. They run, as you know, their own homepage with their own customer support.

    5. We strongly believe that our customers will be happy with the upcoming instruments, and that they will agree that it was worth the wait :-)

    Peter & Giorgio
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    In fact I agree with close to everything you say (especially "5." :) ), I only need to state (and repeat) that the "Trumpet" is not really usable live playing with a Breath controller due to the problem I pinpointed. In fact you can say that this is a "lack of feature" and not a bug, as it only affects Breath controller users, not pure keyboard players, not Wind controller users and not orchestral Midi programmers. (Maybe I might be able to test it with a ROLI Seaboard Rise some day soon....)

    I did a script for Reaper that improves the situation a lot, but not perfectly, there are still some missing notes while playing a melody containing legato transitions (that I like very much as the Kontakt script perfectly reproduces the appropriate sound). That is why I decently hope for an improvement of the playability on that behalf, but I agree that it's better as well for you (company) as for the affected users, if you work to get the rumored new stuff (whatever this exactly is) out of the door, than to work on minor fixes with the "old" stuff. Hence I believe waiting for some more weeks is a lot more viable than trying to discuss a "money back" option (the maximum I might be allowed to request).

    Thanks for listening,

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    5. We strongly believe that our customers will be happy with the upcoming instruments, and that they will agree that it was worth the wait :-)

    Eagerly looking forward to this!!!!

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