The Challenge Results

Dear Samplemodeling Friends.

The challenge came to an end, leaving us overwhelmed by hundreds of submissions! 

We are grateful to all of you for participating and dedicating time to this unique challenge.

We have analyzed all the answers and we finally have the names of the 3 winners: 


Congratulations to:

1st: Christopher Cook

2nd: Jason Zaffary

3rd: Robert Osztolykan

To reward their excellent performance, we decided to give the prize to two further participants who scored like our 3rd winner, but with a very slight delay: 

4th: Johannes Hubner

5th: Matteo Mizera


To select the winners, we used the following criteria:

1)     Correct identification of real vs. MIDI

2)     Overall deviation in seconds from the correct values, which are reported below:


The piece starts at 00:28 with REAL

At 00:32 it switches to MIDI

At 00:38 it switches to REAL

At 00:44 it switches to MIDI

At 00:54 it switches to REAL

At 00:58 it switches to MIDI

At 01:05 it switches to REAL

At 01:10 it switches to MIDI


Here are some interesting data from the analysis of the responses:


0,00% of the participants spotted ALL the switches!

3,55% of the participants were able to hear the 7 switches with a total deviation of 7 seconds or lower

45,56% of the participants were unable to distinguish between the REAL and the MIDI sections, quite a remarkable result!

 Here is the link where you can find the material we used:


It contains:  

The audio file of the complete recording of the Real quartet (renamed Samplemodeling - REAL

The audio file of the complete performance of the MIDI quartet (renamed Samplemodeling - MIDI)

The audio file of the challenge

The separated MIDI files (and a PDF files showing some more information)

A video showing the precise position of the cross-fades


Such a nice feedback greatly motivates us to work hard and further improve our instruments.

Follow us to stay updated on any new content, tutorials, or challenges!


The Samplemodeling Team


  • Wow, I thought I nailed it with my guesses. Even after seeing what the actual times were, I was close enough that I thought I had a chance of making it into the top 5. Didn't even make it into the sub-7 second deviation crowd, haha.

    My guesses:

    • You guessed the piece starts with REAL instruments.
    • At 00:33 you guessed the piece switches to MIDI instruments;
    • At 00:39 you guessed the piece switches to REAL instruments;
    • At 00:44 you guessed the piece switches to MIDI instruments;
    • At 00:55 you guessed the piece switches to REAL instruments;
    • At 01:01 you guessed the piece switches to MIDI instruments;
    • At 01:07 you guessed the piece switches to REAL instruments;
    • At 01:10 you guessed the piece switches to MIDI instruments.

  • fun challenge. thanks so much for sharing the midis

  • edited May 26

    i've been youtube, demo page, forums.. where are the midi files for this ?

    It's incredibly difficult to find.

    HOOOO got it it's hidden in the message . a Hyperlink with no color or underline.. ukay. things to improve on the forum UI really.

  • edited May 26

    WHERE ????

    ... can't read your quote.. oh dear.

  • never had time to dig in the midi and compare real and midi..

    So clearly I find myself thinking ok yeah the real has this harsh here, this there.. and then I step back and realize the level of detail i'm stuck in, comparing things that are to a level of realism that is insane anyway. It's an incredible job and clearly a challenge you guys did to release this. I would love to see more about the reverb and eq / comp around those takes maybe there's talks about this ?

    a video about the 7 lines of CC's could be a + :) but already bravo for all this.

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