What to do in case one lost installers, serial numbers etc.

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To all our Customers:

Despite our strong suggestion to immediately make a backup copy of the installation material, we keep on receiving e-mails asking for a product recovery. :roll:

This document deals with the following possible scenarios:

You lost your hard drive data, but you still have the original installer

You lost just your personal License (Serial) Number

You did not make any backup copies in the past and lost all the product related files, including the original installer.

We can help in all these cases, as described below. However, our help in the last case (3) cannot be provided free of charge, since it involves substantial administrative activity, additional server space, data base services, generating new personal links, etc.

If you lost the installed data on your hard drive (or the whole system crashed), simply re-install the instruments as if it were a new purchase. Please use the original License Keys (Serial Numbers) for reactivating the instruments.

License Keys (Serial Numbers) can be accessed by the user at any time. The simplest way is to refer to the e-mails you received in the past from ShareIt, our transaction provider, after your purchase. The e-mail containing the products links includes also the License (Serial) Numbers. If these e-mails are also lost, follow the steps below:

Kontakt only: Open the Service Center and find the Serial Number corresponding to the product name. If your Service Center is not available, or does not show the product, go to your personal account at Native Instruments to view all the Kontakt-related Keys (from the Native Instruments site go to Support -> My NI Account -> View my registered products and serial numbers). Please note that your personal login must be used. In case of any difficulties please contact Native Instruments support for their assistance (http://www.native-instruments.com/en/support)

SWAM only: go to http://www.swamengine.com/licenserecovery

In the case of a massive data loss and lack of any backup(s), new product links must be created from scratch. Please provide us the exact names of the products (instruments) you need to recover, and the License Keys (Serial Numbers) belonging to them (see 2. above). The system will generate a link which will allow you to purchase new download links to any instruments licensed to you in the past. The necessary charge will be:

15,- EUR for a link to 1 product

19,- EUR for a link to 2 products

25,- EUR for a link to 3 or more products

Samplemodeling Team

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