Trombone 3: Sound with expression = 0

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I just got Trombone 3.

I can't set it to be quiet with expression (CC2) = 0.

I use "Breath Controller" mode and the expression dial happily follws my blowing (TEC BBCv2) showing the full range 0 .. 127. And the expression of the sound increases nicely from the minimum to the maximum. The problem is that the minimum is not zero but something like 10% of the max. Of course this is not decently playable for a breath controller player :( .

Expression mapping is not active.

This happens as well with "Tenor Trombone 1" as with "Bass Trombone".

I use many other Sample Modeling instruments such as Trumpet 3, Tuba, ... and none of those shows this behavior.

What am I doing wrong ?



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    Doing more research ....

    There seems to be some strange Problems with Kontakt.

    I use this project for live playing since a long time with no greater modifications. Now I try add the Trombone to the setup.

    Here several Sample Modeling instruments can be selected to get active. Some have their own Kontakt instance (e.g. a three Trumpet set) some (Trumpet, Tuba, ...) are organized in Kontakt intrument banks and are activated by sending program change events to the Kontakt instance.

    All these instruments still work perfectly.

    But when I install a new instance of Kontakt and load either Trumpet or Trombone I get the "Sound even if Expression zero" problem.

    So I tried to load the working variant of the instrument in that Kontakt instance. But I only see the default instruments to select, not the ones I saved long ago. I do see the appropriate nki files (in the \users\mschnell\...\SampleModeling directory), though. I am rather sure that some months ago I could see those modified instruments right beside the default ones to be loaded in Kontakt.

    What can I try next ?

  • Resolved by using the "use breath controller" button.

    Thanks to the great Sample Modeling support !

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