The Trumpet v3 audio rendering (mutes not working correctly)

Hi everyone,

I'm having a strange problem with The Trumpet v3 when rendering MIDI tracks to audio in Cubase Pro 11.

In the rendered audio track, the transition from harmon mute back to open/no mute is not clean. The passage that should be back on an unmuted sound is still muted until partway through the phrase where it reverts to an open sound. This is not the case with the MIDI tracks or the MIDI programing, where the transitions are clean.

I'm not sure what's going on here as I've allowed plenty of time in the track for the MIDI controller data ti be sent. Can anyone help please?



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    Do you do the mute change by neans of a Midi CC or by means of automating the appropriate DAW parameter ?

    If using a DAW parameter, the timing is heavily depending on the DAW (and on Kontakt).

    -Michael (not knowledgeable regarding Cubase)

  • Having similar issue with Logic Pro X. Mute is set to always on, yet randomly it will not render in a bounce. Also, the mute randomly is off when a project is open, despite the project being saved with it on. Seems random.

  • I have a similar problem. I play three notes. The mute effect will only be on the first note and not notes 2 & 3.

    stop, restart sequence

    this time there will be no mute effect on note one but rather on note two.

    I've invoked A#1 keyswitch to control the wah-wah via CC11.

    The mute effect is not applied consistently.

  • Hi all,

    the mutes can only take effect when polyphony goes down to zero. Otherwise a glitch would occur. This can perhaps explain your observations.


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    Yes, I have observed this problem as well. It is *not* a desirable design effect for playability and regardless of explanation, behaves as a bug/glitch from the player's perspective. As it stands, I have to use multiple instances of the plugin in Kontakt and switch MIDI channels in order to access the mutes properly for live playing or programming with expression maps. This takes up a bit of extra CPU overhead.

    This behaviour is the same for the String Solo and Ensemble patches when using the mutes.

    I would highly suggest correcting the design to ensure fluid playability.

  • I assume that changing a mute while blowing wouldn't be possible for a real trumpet player, nor for a string player while bowing. Am I wrong?


    PS: this is in any case technically unfeasible, unless simultaneously using two or more IRs and crossfading between them when changing the mute. The resulting CPU load would be unbearable.

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