Pitch bend range and Roli implications

So amongst the toy..er..tools I've been enamored with while playing the more sophisticated virtual instruments recently is a pair of Roli Blocks. I've been finding they are a spectacularly natural way for keyboardists like me to play in vibrato (which I have new appreciation for) and other pitch effects...but I haven't been able to make use for the brass instruments and am wondering if I'm missing something.

Is there a way to change the pitch bend range for Horns or Trumpets (the two sets I have)? Seems like the Roli pitch control system relies on a 48 half step pitch bend range (and, I presume, the high resolution MIDI) and that extending that range would go most of the way to what I'm after.

Apart from that, are there any plans to offer any other Roli control accommodation in the future?


  • I use the Roli Seaboard with the SM Violin.

    Herer you need to match the PB correctly with the semitones. This can't be set in Kontakt, hence I use a Midi preprocessor plugin for this.

    Moreover I use a Midi preprocessor plugin to decently translate the MDE from the Seaboard to single channel Midi for Kontakt.

    Anyway, i don't think that brass instruments are easily playable with a Roli. I use a Breath Controller for this. If I would have a Trombone I would try this wuth the Seaboard or even try to use the Roli together with the Breath Controller.


  • It's actually the combination of Roli and breath controller I'm after. I use this setup with other modeled winds and it's brilliant. A Roli alone would indeed be difficult (I don't think you have anywhere near the attack control, for instance, with velocity and aftertouch as you do with a separate input like breath pressure), but just for pitch control alone it's quite an ergonomic step up from a keyboard and mod/bend wheels/joystick

    It sorta works works as is, but matching the ranges would be nice for being able to scoop to notes

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    IMHO it is essential to correctly match the PB range when using the Roli.

    Works perfectly here with the Violin.

    I really should try to use my SM Trumpet with BC and Roli some day...


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