Samplemodeling is the best. Best virtual instruments on the planet.

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Your announcement of new discounts due to the Covid-19 dignifies you and shows your humanity. Not only you are by far the best virtual modeled instruments creators, You are a very good guys.

Sincerely, I think you are the most professional and meticulous creators of modeled instruments. I have compared to every other virtual sounds and sampled libraries and there's nothing like these ones. And believe me because I have been testing for years a vast quantity of string libraries. The playability and realism of your instruments is unbeatable. For the moment, for me, you are the top quality instruments on the market.

There are a good other ones like Wallander Instruments or Pianoteq in the world of modeled instruments (not sampled libraries). IK Multimedia has also two modeled instruments that are very very good (MODO DRUMS and MODO Bass).

When Audiomodeling was created and they took the swam motor with them, I really regretted it and thought that Samplemodeling would be very touched.

But I want to say one thing: in my opinion, without Swam Motor, your Kontakt libraries are better enough on many things. More realism, less nasal sound, more dynamics, more beautiful sound, better playability, etc. etc. etc. The sound is more "organic" and more authentic. Your brass demos sounds espectacular. I like more your Brass Instruments than the sound generated by SWAM.

To be honest, I think too that Audiomodeling has also a very good quality, but I think you are ahead in quality and realism. Even so both companies are very nice.

Thanks a lot for your good work and for your valuable contribution for the composers and musicians.

I hope that you are less valued than it really should be.

I hope you can develop more of this incredible virtual instruments for a long long time. I am eagerly waiting for you to bring us the family of woodwind instruments created in the same exquisite way as your strings and brass with Kontakt or the way you consider better.

Best regards,

Raúl Pérez


  • There once were the Sax Brother by Sample Modeling .... Less advanced technology than the new libraries, but excellent sound.


  • Yes, the Sax brothers was a new way of script samples with a mix of modeling, with a few megabytes of sample sounds. Then, with swam, the saxophones became in a wonderful modeled instrument. We must to think that every instrument in Audiomodeling was made in Samplemodeling, including saxophones, double reeds, clarintes and flutes. And finally viola, violin and cello solo. Contrabass is the first instrument genuine of Audiomodeling, and recently the brass set.

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    Strings (i.e. Chelo which I do have) have been reased first by AM in SWAM technology, and later by SM as Kontakt library. Now several solo instruments are available in both kinds (including brass). But not the Saxes (any more) .


  • Dear Raúl,

    you can't imagine how I was moved by your words.

    Our most sincere gratitude to you and to all Samplemodeling friends who followed us during these long 12 years.

    Giorgio & Peter

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    You're welcome.

    I always like to value the good work of people and I think it is fair to do it.

    I know some programming and understand the complexity behind such work. Manipulating sound is not an easy task. People are usually unaware of the enormous study behind such ambitious projects, and perhaps they don't value that effort and talent that much.

    I'm a Contrabass player, and I know too the difficult of emulate physically the complexing of the arc over the string. Emulate String instruments is, in my opinion, the most difficult work in the world of virtual instruments. Always the result is a little artificial but Samplemodeling has done with a ridiculous amount of Gigabytes. Really, until today, I find it hard to believe that You have gotten such a good approximation like this. It is like a miracle. I am hallucinated, sincerely.

    The day I found out that Samplemodeling had released some New Strings (Including Ensembles!) I got really excited and started listening to the demos immediately. I was amazed. I immediately called my brother and we made the purchase together.

    I have to say that I bought every Solo String instruments from SWAM of Samplemodeling (Viola, violin and Cello), except the Contrabass (from Audiomodeling), but I prefer a thousand times more the solo instruments from Samplemodeling's latest creation.

    Thanks really once again.

    Have a good day everyone, and lots of encouragement to overcome the bloody Covid virus 19 together.

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