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I use the French Horn in our Community Concert Band and noticed while playing "Moonlight Sonata" (a new piece with very long tones) that the sound was releasing before the end of the tied notes. How can I adjust the Release Time and where would I find that in the Kontakt GUI? I need to get this corrected before rehearsals for the new concert season begin.

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Doug Sherbert

West Virginia, USA


  • dhsherbert,

    the release time is under control of CC27.



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    "releasing before the end of the tied notes"


    "Release Time" is after the Note Off Midi event.

    Note Off should not occur "before the end of the tied notes"


  • Thanks for the replies! I should have been more performance specific. :)

    I'm using an EWI5000 as the controller and playing a very slow tempo piece. I'm having trouble with the note cutting off before the end of the phrase (two tied whole notes and the sound stops around beat 6).



  • Are you meaning that the sound stops while you are still blowing ?

    AFAIK, this should not happen. As long as you are blowing, the sound should go on forever.

    OTOH, if you are blowing softer and softer, at some point you will reach a trigger level at which the EWI or the plugin will decide that you stopped blowing and cut off the sound (now adhering to the release time and performing some "stop" noise).

    You can use some midi monitor plugin to watch the EWI's output and exactly detect what is going on.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the sound will stop while I am still applying air pressure. I have experienced this in the past with Wivi Orchestra instruments and was able to extend the release time with a GUI setting.

    I'll check to see if the MIDI data is interrupted with the MIFI Monitor in Cantabile softeware.

    Thanks again and have a wonderful 2020! 🎶


    Well, I'm back after 5 minutes!

    With the MIDI monitor, I blew an note and after about 6 seconds (@ 60 BPS, that would be a tied whole note), the sound abruptly stopped. I then looked at the monitor and CC2 & CC11 where still passing from the EWI to the Kontakt Player (scratching head moment). Also, I saw the "Note On" message when I started and did not see the "Note Off" message until I stopped blowing.

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    Weird ! Seems you need to write to Sample Modeling support.


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    You can see some older discussion about very long notes at this other thread (link below). All of the brass behave similarly for very long notes (> 10 seconds). If it cuts off before 10 seconds without seeing note off or CC2/CC11 drop to zero, it would be strange. That is, unless you have the instrument's "Tune" parameter in Kontakt set to a large positive number since that will artificially shorten the sample. For instance if you were accidentally using the Kontakt Tune parameter instead of the Transpose option in the instrument to be able to read a part written for horn, the trade off would be a shorter total sample length. If so, simply reset the Tune parameter to zero and use the Transpose option instead.

    Of course, you could use the reverse (Tune down + MIDI transpose up) to lengthen the sample further, but then you'd be significantly altering the timbre and initial transient times as well, so it would quickly become something other than a French Horn sound. But that's the only thing I could think of that would change that allowable sample length to something other than the underlying 10 seconds length that Peter discusses in this other thread...

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    ModernBard and others,

    from our webpage, the Trumpet product description: "The base material of the instruments consists of 278 MB of samples, chromatically performed by a professional trumpet player over a very wide dynamic range. All samples are unlooped, and have a minimum duration of about 10 sec." That's why after about 10 seconds the sound stops. The player needs to breathe. :-)


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