Any news on the new BBC2 breath and bite controllers and when they are due to come out ? Thank you

Any news on these new controllers ? I have seen and heard some of the demos on youtube and they sound out of this world.


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    I am very happily using a BBC2 by TEC since some two years.

    What do you mean be "news" and "new" ?


  • Sorry Michael I now see they have been out for some time. Can I ask how easy they are to use with strings or is the BBC2 for only single instruments like the trumpet etc ?

  • I mostly use the BBCv2 with the Sample Modeling Trumpet and the SWAM Flute. (See -> .

    I do use all four BBCv2 "Dimensions" plus Aftertouch for sound variations.

    I did try to use the BBC with Strings (in fact the SWAM Cello), but this always sounded kind of "blown".

    I now additionally have a Seaboard Rise 49, and very happily use it with the Sample Modeling Strings. But I still need a lot of practicing before i will get a satisfying performance.


  • I recently (finally) got a BBC2 of my own after hobbling along on a modified EWI USB I could never master the fingering for (I am most assuredly NOT a wind player)....and wow, what a difference. I find it *indispensable* for these modeled instruments and will never go back to mod-wheeling it.

    The TEControl has much more configurable response via its utility which is really handy for changing the curves and channels (sometimes I use bite pressure instead of an expression pedal and just change the output channel rather than remapping my software). Another unanticipated benefit over the EWI is note velocity; less sensitive for these than for other modeled instruments I have but it's nice to have that data played in.

    If you're thinking at all about springing for TEControl's or any other breath controller, do it. Stop thinking and just go. It unlocks the expressiveness of these instruments to such a degree that I would just consider it part of the price for entry.

  • Velocity is a huge advantage. I always use it for legato speed. Sounds so natural !

    I also always use Aftertouch for vibrato depth. This feels so natural ! I can't manage a decent Diphram vibratoi with breath, and hence AT is great !


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