New mobile view for forum isn’t great


I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the new mobile view for this forum really isn’t great. Even if the “view full site” option is activated, i still much prefer the old layout. With the new mobile view, it’s hard to find/see new posts (or any new activity) and this might be be one reason for why there hasn’t been much recent conversation?

I hope this doesn’t offend...I just wanted to give some (hopefully) constructive feedback.




  • To me more important:

    There does nopt seem to be a page showing all unread posts (of all subforums) and nothing else.


  • Hi Gary and MSchnell,

    first, let us thank you for helping.

    Many, including ourselves, preferred the old layout. The conversion was however necessary because the previous forum has been hacked, and inundated with 220 pages of spam, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material. We have been worked with our webmaster to improve the layout and the readability of the new forum on mobile devices. We could activate a hopefully working "recent discussions" filter. What is not attainable, despite repeated requests to the creators of the forum, is the option "unread posts". That's too bad, but we cannot help.

    The activity on the forum is in fact very small. We would be very grateful for further suggestions, or for reporting issues we are not aware of. For example, problems related to the (unfortunately necessary) renewal of the password?

    Thanks in advance,

    Giorgio & Peter

  • edited September 2019

    I had no problems with the renewal of the password. Unfortunately those who do have will not be able to post their problems here :( .


  • Hi Giorgio and Peter

    Thanks for replying.

    I had no issues with the password renewal and understand why you guys had to change the forum system. I’d noticed that the mobile view has been different (better) recently but wasn’t sure if it was due to changes on your end or perhaps my mobile browser had somehow started rendering it better.

    A very small thing: I’ve noticed that the text line spacing is greater (about 1.5?) now, meaning that a double carriage return to start a new paragraph is too much. Any chance of returning this to normal line spacing?

    Finally, thank you for taking the time to communicate with your users!!

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