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Since unmerging the "Modeling" companies, its terribly quiet over here.

Unfortunately, Audio Modeling also does not provide an active forum, so I feel really lost :( .



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    Yeah, me too!
  • You are right guys, it's very quiet since we're working like mads.

    However, after finding this thread in KVR's forum I felt that an honest clarification was appropriate.

    Here's the link and the text of our reply:

    Hebex, Jancivil & others,

    Sorry for the late reply, but we discovered this thread by chance only now. We noticed that in this thread there are relevant insinuations needing a clarification.

    1) Is Samplemodeling dead ? Not really. Samplemodeling is up and running as before. We are working hard on developing several breathtaking instruments and plugins. Understandably we can't disclose the details.

    2) I occasionally went to the site and you're right, nothing that isn't Audio Modeling is happening for some time. There is a misconception here, since Audio Modeling has been founded only very recently, as of May 2017. You probably refer to the SWAM instruments, created by Stefano Lucato & Emanuele Parravicini in close collaboration with Samplemodeling. We decided to temporarily suspend the creation of new Kontakt-based instruments to avoid interference with this new line of products. That's why no new, Kontakt-based instruments have been offered in the last three years.

    3) There is no way to contact Sample Modeling anymore, their contact page is not working. This is simply untrue. Hundreds of customers were in touch with us since the beginning of the year. None reported communication issues.

    4) If I was Sample Modeling, I would quickly make sure not to make the impression that I was bought out and am running away with some money from a dead end deal and am leaving an abandoned website to get money for scrap abandonware from unaware customers.

    Hebex, this is a serious accusation, and if we were you, we would be more cautious before insinuating your "impressions". Can we ask how did you get this idea? Was your sentence written in good faith? In any case, facts are that Samplemodeling has not been bought out, we are not running away with anybody's money, we did not abandon neither our website nor our customers.

    5) The point I was trying to convey to you is that Kontakt support of that stuff is over. This sentence is unclear to us. Do you mean that Samplemodeling does no longer provide technical support? Since the SWAM team went their way (November 23rd, 2017), our staff replied to 405 customers emails, acting as a first and second level support, that is, providing pertinent information and attempting to directly solve technical issues. All questions have been replied usually within a few hours, and not later than on the next day.

    In conclusion, rest assured of the following facts:

    1) Samplemodeling is alive and well.

    2) Our worldwide appreciated brass instruments are our property, are on sale from our website, and will remain on sale.

    3) Our worldwide appreciated technical support will continue to be provided to all Samplemodeling customers.

    4) New, revolutionary true Samplemodeling products are on their way.

    For a direct contact please use our contact page, or our support email address info[at]


    Dr. Giorgio Tommasini and Peter Siedlaczek
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    Thank you for the answer. I feel better now because I really LOVE these instruments and their potential.

    I hope that you will develop more on your Brass instruments allowing us to cover every style of play possible.

    I'd like you cover more the orchestral enviroment for example.

    So we can't ask anything about Audio Modeling anymore here? Audio Modeling doesn't offer a forum and I hope they take care of ours reports.

    I'm thinking (for example) at the high definition MIDI for SWAM instruments (and I hope also TEC implements it for their breath controller), this will be great for smooth transitions from silence to sound.

    I'm happy you are working hard and I can't wait to see what you will bring to us. ;)
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    I also am very interested in high resolution CC for these instruments. SWAM could maybe rather easily support this one day. I don't know what Sample Modeling will come up with when their announced very interesting new product line will occur. If same continues to be based on Kontakt, supposedly the usability of high resolution CC messages will depend on Native Instruments. I have no hint that NI has any plans to support HR CC.

    OTOH, I use the TEC BBC v2 breath controller. I asked them for HR CC support, and they very likely will not move in that direction before one of the major relevant plugin makers supports it. Unfortunately now each of Sample Modeling and Audio Modeling only has half the relevance of the combined company of the past.

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    Still so quiet

    The lack of information is very disquieting

    No news is not good news
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    Dear carljoshi,

    no news does not necessarily mean "bad news". As already mentioned in this thread, we are working very hard on new series of solo & ensemble instruments exploiting unconventional techniques.

    Simply, it would be unprofessional to disclose what and when will be ready for release.

    Rest assured that our new instruments will be a breakthrough, and a real fun to play, as usual. ;-)

    Thanks for your interest in our instruments.

    Giorgio & Peter
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    Dear Giorgio & Peter,

    Waiting with bated breath for the next update of this amazing software.

    I meant no disrespect but no news does make me uneasy. However, as a musician I most definitely agree that creators need to work in peace before releasing their masterpiece.

    Please could you establish a main topic with a wishlist of features in the forum?

    Best Regards,

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    While getting more and more trained with playing the Trumpet life with the TEC BBC Breath controller, the dynamic range is getting a more and more limiting factor (together with the "trill" bug described in the other thread here ).

    Especially with the Flugelhorn, I would need to be able to do really smooth starting tones (but not loose the ability to create decently accented blows), but I always get a rather hard attack, even when increasing the pressure really slowly. (This is very similar with the Audio Modeling Flutes, and already has been discussed several months ago.)

    I shy away from starting a dedicated discussion on that, as due to the work on a completely new technology, there will be no improvements on the current Kontakt based stuff.

  • Michael,

    while in BC mode, you might consider using the expression rescaler to get a softer, smoother attack.

    You might also set CC25 to some value higher than zero. This will create a smooth ramp between the note-on velocity and the current CC2. CC25 = 127 is the default setting for keyboard mode, but it can be exploited even in BC and WC mode to get what you're looking for.


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    Sorry, but this does not help.

    I use the keyboard velocity for portamento time, which does work great.

    But what I want is a purely Breath controlled action: when increasing the air pressure very slowly, a very soft (and muffled) starting sound should be produced, like with a hardware instrument, especially with the Flugelhorn.

    In a perfect world we would use high resolution CC for this, but unfortunately this is not supported by Kontakt, nor by the TEC BBC (yet) (, not by SWAM).

    TEC wrote me they are waiting for a decent plugin that supports high resolution CC, so we hope for the "new thing" by Sample Modeling :).

    (Sorry for delayed answer...)

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    Doing some more research:

    I do have a lot of controllers (motor faders) that I can use when liver playing.

    For the trumpet I assigned one of those to the mute selection. That is easy as in Kontakt I can learn the muse selection to a CC.

    If I could assign a Timbe preset (or even better: several Timbre "sliders" to CC,s I could control these while live playing to adopt to the song to be played.

    (How) is this possible ? (Even knowing the Kontakt VST parameter number (aka "name") for these settings would help...)

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    I checked out that there seems to be no way to access the timbre setting from the DAW.

    For live playing I use a surface device that features nine motorized faders. It would be great if I could assign these to the timbre "bars".

    For this either Midi CCs would needed to be assignable to them or the Kontakt "automation assignment" should be workable. But as far as I can see no CC and the "automation assignment" is only workable with knobs and faders in the instrument GUI but seemingly not with the automation bars :( nor the selection drop down :( :( .

  • Michael,

    controlling the timbral shaper with CCs is straightforward. Just select the harmonic, or group of harmonics, on which you want to operate by slightly displacing the bar from the centerline. Then CC91, and (if more than one harmonic or group of harmonics has been selected) CC92, 93 will either increase (if above 64) or decrease the loudness of the selected harmonics.

    Very simple. :-)


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    Thanks a lot for the information !

    I do see that it is described in the Documentation, but silly me did not bother to seek for it.

    Thanks gain,

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    Of course this does work.

    Nonetheless, to me the behavior of the three knobs seems rather weird.

    To me a much more intuitive and versatile way to intelligently map the bands to three controllers would be to assign (variable or fixed Preset number) one of the presets to each of the three knobs and apply the setting of the appropriate preset according to the button's CC setting :

    0..63-> -100%..0,

    63->: not at all

    65...127-> 0..+100%

    (adding to the normally selected preset or manually set bans value).

    With this we could set three "sounds" and blend them using the three knobs / CCs

    Thanks for listening,


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