Keyswitches not all functioning

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I am having odd experiences with the key switches in The Trumpet: some function as anticipated, ( short fall, for example), some do not. Is there some additional switch or condition that needs to be engaged?


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    You can access additional keyswitch features by holding the C above the keyswitches first. Not sure if that addresses your question though.

    One thing I always have to watch for: if I'm reading a score where the trumpet is written in Bb, I may have the track transposed one step so I can read it in C. However, I have to remember that this moves my keyswitches by one step as well.

    Also, keep in mind some keyswitches only work while the key is held down. Others such as the falls are triggered AFTER the initial note.

    The manual has a chart that lays out all the keyswitch options.
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    The manual is what I have been following.

    BTW, I’m not using a keyboard. I am using direct entry into the piano roll control lanes of Pro Tools. The control codes seem to work okay for sound shaping, just not all the lisred key switches.
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    Mickeyrouse wrote:
    I am using direct entry into the piano roll control lanes of Pro Tools.
    I never did direct inputing midi into the piano roll (or the score editor) nor do I use ProTools, but from reading discussions in the Reaper forums, I learned that doing this provides a lot of issues with key switches. The keywords mentioned there are "Chasing" and "Articulation Maps". The DAW that currently best handles this is said to be CuBase, but it seems like quite a lot do use Reaper for such "Orchestral Work" projects, and seem to have found workable ways.


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