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Do you plan to make trial versions of your sax or trumpet instruments available ? I like the audio/video demos but I'm unlikely to buy a program that I can't try out first.


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    Hmm, no response. I would have thought it would be quite a straightforward one to answer - answer is either "yes for sure" or "no never" or "maybe one day".

    Maybe I should elaborate - I'm interested in Mr Sax T and would love a trial version because :-

    a) I want to see how well it works on my hardware.

    b) If there are any problems using it with my preferred DAW, Ableton Live.

    c) If there are any drawbacks to it not apparent in the video demo's.

    In the absence of a trial version :-

    a) could be addressed by providing a minimum hardware specification for Mr Sax T, along with a recommended spec.

    b) could be addressed by providing a list of host DAW's that Mr Sax T has been tested on.

    But c) still requires a trial version. If that's a definite non-starter then how about putting Mr Sax T on, a site which allows users to try out VSTi's over the internet. Not perfect, latency is an issue, but I've found it useful in the past.
  • woofles,

    I am very sorry, but for technical reasons we cannot provide any trial version, what has been already explained in the past. As you know our samplemodeling technology is based on the Kontakt Player/Sampler, licenced by Native Instruments. The copy protection applied uses the so-called challenge-response solution. To create the computer-ID, necessary for the authorisation, a unique serial number must be entered. This serial number is actually the most important item you buy - AND: it´s necessary for installing the software. That´s the way Native Instruments software installation works: you need the serial number to install it, but at the same time this serial number enables using the software forever. For that reason it cannot be used as a trial...

    Fortunately, for the great majority of the users, the feedback of other purchasers and the demos (also the user demos) give enough information about the product and its quality - enough to take the right decision... :-)

    Best regards

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    woofles there's alot of information on the site about the specs requeriment for these instruments as well as the systems were they were tested on.

    Read carefully all the sections of this site

    if you still can't find answers that satisfy you, you can always post your DAW specifications here on the forum and wait for answers from the crew like I did.
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    I think that the other reason is that trial version is the way for pirate distribution.

    In trial version there should be necessarily to cut out something (for example growling, flutter tongue, subharmonics or something else) because if the VSTi will be completely efficient and limited only by inner protection - it will be broken. Making trial ver. is superfluous and unnecessary work in my opinion.

    And besides, after having downloaded this version you can declare that say something wasn't pleasant to you, because there is no feature necessary to you (which was cut out). If you interesting VSTi possibilities then just listen to demos of those people who has already bought the instrument, read their responces, ask them questions, ask them to make little demos to listen at least.

    I think guys have done hell difficult work and I didn't hear instruments which would sound better, than their ones. That's why I buy their instruments and keep it away from further p2p or torrents distribution. I would like to support SampleModeling, because I understand - without support this industry can die. In Russia (to my regret) we had a whole generation of people which sincerely consider that it is not necessary to pay for intellectual work. :(

    Excuse me please, but all these conversations "And if I suddenly will not like this?" sounds like the person simply doesn't wish to pay.
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    Hello Shramm :)

    I completly agree with you but may be the last solution proposed by woofles :

    How about putting Mr Sax T on, a site which allows users to try out VSTi's over the internet. Not perfect, latency is an issue, but I've found it useful in the past.

    would be possible one day.

    In the other way, as Peter said, may be that's unuseful because if each customer make advertisment for this product (like me in my country on some popular website) it will become famous all over the world very quickly. At least this is my wishes for the dream team for the year 2009 ;)
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    I didn't hear about this site earlier. This feature can be interesting and great, but I think that due to various reasons SampleModeling hardly will make it. I am probably wrong, but nevertheless a demo song in my opinion quite convincing argument to decide - whether it's necessary for you to buy VSTi or not. I think that if you like how the VSTi sounds - simply buy it and use, and if there are any doubts - simply don't buy it. :)

    It's just like purchasing musical CD - you can listen small previews on website or download mp3 and if you like it - you simply go to shop or order a disс through the Internet. It would be strange, if you could buy CD which would be self-destroyed for example in a week after first listening :))) It's absolutely clear that you'd want to copy somehow this disk before it will be destroyed. And the same often occurs to trial versions of programs.

    The question is in what people wish to use VSTi for. If it's simple for the sake of idle overindulgence I consider it's has no sense to spend money for it. If you create applied music for projects, games, advertising, TV etc., I think that the question "to buy or not to buy" will not appear. :)))
  • woofles wrote:
    How about putting Mr Sax T on, a site which allows users to try out VSTi's over the internet. Not perfect, latency is an issue, but I've found it useful in the past.

    Not sure. :roll:

    Imagine one who never rode a bicycle. He/she enters a shop, jumps over the bike, starts kinda cycling (with pedal latency). After a little while, he/she shouts: "This bike does not stand up." :mrgreen:

    There's a learning curve with this class of instruments, which starts with reading the manuals. :)

    Such an approach might lead to very misleading results, I'm afraid.


  • I am planning to make a trial versions of my sax or trumpet instruments, I would like to upload a demo here too. hope people will like the game.

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