Brass Bundle Pre-Purchase Advice

I am completely new to Sample Modelling libraries and before purchasing a brass bundle, could someone please conform the following. Please forgive me if the following seem obvious, but I've recently been caught out and disappointed with other libraries.

  1. Can the trumpet, trombone and other brass libraries can be played via MIDI events in my sequencer (Reaper) or do they require an external contoller?
  2. Are the following techniques all available in the brass instruments (as appropriate): Doits, Falls, Rips, Flutter, Glissando, Portamento, Bends, Slides, Swells, Mutes? Particularly Glissandos and/or Portamento in the trombone.
  3. If available, are these techniques triggered by key-switches and CC events or do they use some other system?

I'd appreciate any advice on the above before purchase. Thank you.


  • 1) Of course, technically, it makes no difference for the software how the Midi events are generated. But with these libraries, IMHO, it does not make sense to try to "design" the expression curves "manually". only using a decent controller (and some practice using it) makes them sound "natural".

    2) Yep. (But I nly have the "Trumpets". )

    3) key-switches, CC events, and "DAW Parameter automation" is possible.


  • Thank you for replying. It's much appreciated.

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