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After the presentation of The Saxophones, we were asked several questions, ranging from our discount policy to the differences between SWAM and Kontakt-based instruments.

We believe that our customers deserve a clarification, so here it goes.

1) why was the SWAM platform developed? Was it necessary?

Stefano Lucato developed the Sax Brothers on Kontakt, using his SWT technology. The results were excellent, aside from some jitter problem affecting the high range of the instruments, sometimes requiring using 88.2 kHz for optimal results.

The Swam platform was developed mainly to gain flexibility, allowing Stefano to better introduce some personal conceptions into the programming of his instruments. The jitter problem was also solved, thus allowing the development of the Soprano Sax.

2) why were the Bari, Tenor and Alto saxophones developed on the SWAM platform?

Our customers were entirely satisfied with Kontakt-based saxophones, so that we considered double reeds and flutes as the right next move. Developing the saxophones on the SWAM engine was Stefano´s choice. We actually expected that distributing a completely new product, including however instruments already available on a different platform, might generate perplexities among our customers. This was indeed the case.

3) which are the most important differences between SWAM and Kontakt-based instruments? Are the former better?

The differences are more related to the philosophy behind sample recording, processing and programming than to the platform per se. Stefano aimed at introducing some concepts derived from physical modeling into a sample-based instrument. He also believes that the virtual instrument should be completely driven by the player. Hence, there are, for example, no modulating keyswitches in SWAM instruments. Whether they sound and respond better o worse, it's something for the users to decide. Undoubtedly, they sound and respond differently.

4) will SWAM be the future of Samplemodeling?

The plain answer is no. As said before, as developers of virtual instruments Peter and I share the same philosophy, which differs from Stefano's.

We believe that Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn & Tuba, developed on Kontakt, are excellent instruments, in no way more limited than SWAM-based instruments. Thus, the two lines of products will always coexist. Some instruments might be more or less suitable for a certain platform, and this will be kept into account in future developments.

5) why should I pay Euro 149 to get the SWAM-based Saxophones. I already own one or more saxophones. It's just an upgrade!

From what we explained above, it should be now quite clear that we are not dealing with an upgrade.

The Saxophones constitute a completely new product, created from scratch, not a simple evolution of a preexisting product as suggested by some. The work behind the development of the Saxophones was substantial, involving the SWAM team, ourselves and several coworkers for more than one year. Valuable work. Please note that, when purchasing a new product, none is entitled to any discount. We believe that offering the Saxophones at about half the standard price to previous customers of any sax was a nice offer. Differentiating the discount on the basis on how many saxophones one owns, and most importantly, since when, would have been extremely difficult and unpractical.

Finally, as previously stated, this is just a proposal. One may consider it advantageous or not, yet he's not forced to accept it. No reason for bashing Samplemodeling, as someone unfairly did even outside our forum.


Giorgio & Peter
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