EWI USB and Trumpet3 poor sound

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I am using Trumpet 3 with Kontakt 5 and an RME Babyface pro as my sound card. I have a 64 bit Toshiba laptop with 16gig of ram and a 2TB drive.

I have tried in vein to get a Flugelhorn sound, but all I hear is a strange Sax. Articulation is good and overall response is good with my EWI USB. I am set on Wind Controller. Just how many adjustment described in the Sample Modeling manual are needed? If so many adjustment are required, what value are all the highly refined samples? I do not have enough knowledge to set these values properly if this is needed to get a reasonable brass sound. I have been at this for some time, but I am not getting close.

The recording of Misty with Flugelhorn on the Sample Modeling site is my target.

Any Suggestions would be more than welcome.




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    In the recent months I did a lot live playing with the Trumpet, mainly using the un-muted trumpet, the "harmon-muted" trumpet, and the flugelhorn sounds.

    I am very happy with the sound, and so are the musicians in my band.

    The only complains I got was that the trumpet (especially when using the harmon mute), the notes I play (too) loud, hurt their ears. I added a multiband compressor to tame this a bit.

    Where did you find the recording of Misty ?

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    You can ear it here.

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    Here a short test recording using the flugelhorn together with my band -> http://www.schnellphoto.de/test.mp3

    Supposedly not as soft as you would like it to be, but definitely not a "strange sax".

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    Can you post a short example of the sound you are generating so that we can hear what you are struggling with? I also use EWI USB to control the Flugelhorn v3. I get results that I like using just the default Wind Controller settings and adding some delay/reverb in the DAW depending on the atmosphere of the song. You can do similar within Kontakt I believe. I've attached a short sample I did a couple years ago with just piano and Flugelhorn. If this is the sound that you consider your target, then the good news is that it was just default Wind Controller in Flugelhorn v3 and a bit of ping pong delay, hall reverb and compression. If this is similar to the sound you are already achieving, then I may not be able to help further I suppose.

    EDIT: As far as control signals go, it was only using the breath in EWI and the bite sensor in the mouthpiece for vibrato. And because this is a gentle piece, the values for the breath controller in this are all below half (64) with most closer to even half of that (MIDI CC values of 15-40). If your breath controller values are going much higher then the sound will necessarily become much harsher so you may want to double check that you aren't overblowing accidentally. For a piece like "Misty" it'll fit best with pretty gentle breath control.

    Do you have similar trouble with the other Trumpet v3 instruments or only with Flugelhorn?

    Good luck with it.

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    By the way, if you are unsure about the overblowing and want to monitor the breath controller values (MIDI CC#2) in real time, you can see the values printed on the "Controllers 1" page of the UI next to the "Dynamics" knob which should turn by itself as you play on the EWI.
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    It's a shame that he does not answer any more to let us know ...


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