Sluggish tuba

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I find that Tuba V3 is really sluggish when played with my Yamaha WX-5 controller... much more sluggish to respond to note changes than my acoustic tuba. Any way to adjust the software to make it more immediately responsive to fingering or breath inputs?


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    I use the Trumpet (that supposedly is very similar software) with a TEC BBCv2, and the system is perfectly fast.

    Maybe your DAW / Audio converter has a latency problem. Did you try any other realtime playable virtual instruments with your system ?

    Usually the internal sound hardware of a PC is not decently usable for live playing.

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    Do you have similar trouble with the Sample Modeling French Horn that comes with the Tuba? If so, then I would suspect the DAW/ASIO settings, as Michael mentioned, since the French Horn is quite responsive.

    If French Horn is fine, then I agree that the Tuba has a slower response by default than the other brass instruments. I've only had minimal play time on acoustic tuba, but I felt like the response time was pretty reasonable in the sample modeling default for my usage (and my lack of tuba performance skills). However there is a setting on the "Controllers 1" page in the UI to set the attack time via CC26. Can you pull that to zero to see if that helps?

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    Thanks for the replies. No problem with other sounds: French horn, strings, etc. It seems to be isolated to the tuba. I play all through Garage Band. I play acoustic tuba and the software instrument response is MUCH slower... enough to make it hard to play quicker pieces. Anything that I can adjust to speed things up?

    Again, thanks!
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    Did you have any improvement when setting CC26 to zero? It makes a big difference in the ability to play quick passages with crisper articulation.

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