"Trombone" vsti poliphonic output

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is my first post.

I'm trying to use "Trombone" in Reaper. I loaded a simple midi in a track in which there are contemporary notes to play. I would like these two contemporary notes to be played by the same instrument without having to put a note on one track and the other note on another track. Is it possible to have a polyphonic output not in "unisono"?

What can I do?


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    The Sample Modeling brass instruments are monophonic by design. So you need to load two instances of the instrument in the FX chain of the track and use two different MIDI channels to access each one by your Midi notes.

    If you can't do your Midi track in such a way (using a midi channel for any voice) Reaper (AFAIK) offers a "Cord Splitter" plugin that can distribute voices to Midi channels.

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    I searched among the native Reaper plugins and also online but I could not find this interesting "Chord splitter" plugin.
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    A word of caution if you are starting with a MIDI file that wasn't authored to control the Sample Modeling trombone: all the SM brass instruments require that you control the dynamics with some dynamic controller (typically mod wheel, breath controller, wind controller). Of course those controllers can be recorded into a MIDI file and played back, but if they aren't present in the MIDI file already you'll need to add the dynamics in Reaper to each track. Otherwise the instruments won't make any sound. Further, if you don't sculpt the dynamics musically (by just using a few relatively constant values for instance), you may find the resulting output quite underwhelming. SM brass are the very best virtual instruments that I've seen, but they do require extra steps to get that performance. It looks like there are some sample MIDI files on the Trombone's product demo page if you need examples.
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    MSchnell wrote:
    -> https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=26559

    -> https://stash.reaper.fm/1872/MIDI_ChordSplitter
    There also is "ReaRack 2 Poly Splitter" that is a part of the (great !) ReaRack package, and hence more "officially" supported than the somewhat chaotic stuff on the stash.

    You first need to install the ("must-have" !!) ReaPack Reaper Extension (-> https://reapack.com/ ) and then have same install "ReaRack". In the ReaPack dialogue for ReaRack you can find the documentation for ReaRack (which is a PDF file) (-> http://stash.reaper.fm/28621/ReaRack_Manual.pdf )

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